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Acne Treatments Can be Surprising As Well

After examining the remains of cremated bodies a doctor in Germany discovered that 12 mineral compounds called tissue salts. These need to be present in the right amounts or else disease would result. Acne is thus thought to be as result of calcium sulphate deficiency. Pills could then be provided containing the minerals that their bodies lacked. This is known as cell salt therapy. It is similar in nature to homeopathic medicine. It employs the administering of the curative substance in tiny amounts. The amount of calcium sulphate administered in this therapy is so small that there is relatively no risk with going for this type of treatment. To learn more, full article.

Toothpaste available readily in every household can be used to cure troublesome acne infected areas. Leaving it on overnight is more effective in getting it to work. It dries up the pimples and thus cures the spots. It can also be used on already existing blemishes.

Raw egg wh

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ites may dry the face and prevent future outbreaks. So does a facial application of raw garlic paste. Honey with its strong antibacterial properties applied to work overnight could help significantly. The glycolic acid in lemons applied diluted to the face for 15 minutes could help exfoliate it.

One session of laser therapy can help get rid of scarring deep ice pick scars. New collagen and elastin fiber growth can be promoted with this treatment. Laser treatment may however cause redness that may persist for months. It may cause more damage than it resolves.

There are different types of lasers. These can be diode lasers, low intensity blue light and continuous wave carbon dioxide lasers. Troublesome sebaceous glands can be eradicated from the skin using diode lasers. High intensity lasers remove a layer of skin. Blue light therapy is a treatment that destroys the bacteria P. acnes.

Heat therapy combined with pulsed light treatments can do what both diode lasers and high intensity lasers do. The pore is opened up and the follicle heated up, the light treatment thus increases the chemical reaction among bacteria. This speeds up the bacteria killing process. Temporary redness may be experienced on the treated areas. It only takes as little as 2 weeks to notice the results.

Shallow scars are easier to treat with microdermabrasion. Dermabrasion uses a brush to sand away the thick layer of surface skin. Microdermabrasion stimulates new skin production.

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